NaVectis provides education to your hospital staff training them with proven techniques that decreases the financial burden to the patient and increases revenue for the provider. NaVectis then provides ongoing supervision of the Financial Navigator as they continue to develop their skills in Financial Navigation services. Hospital staff has access to NaVectis staff via phone, email or fax for a period ranging from 12 – 30 months.

Over 50% of cancer centers hire staff with an associates degree or less to try to solve the number one concern that the Oncology Patients are experiencing (Financial distress). Our recommendation is that the Financial Navigator has at least a Bachelors degree and has some clinical background as well.

Up until now, there have been no educational programs that assists Financial Counselors / Navigators on how to preform their job and to explain the resources available to this population.

At present, few cancer programs have a systematic process in place to identify patients in need and to develop a plan to meet their cost of care.  Rather, financial counseling services are typically fragmented, with responsibility for various aspects of the process divided among registration staff, social workers, business office staff, and clinicians. As a result, many miss opportunities to assist patients and improve revenue capture.

The Financial Navigation program includes software that tracks the patients being navigated and generates a quarterly report that shows the financial impact of the program.

Training Program

The training program developed by the NaVectis group is divided into four categories.

  • Organizational Support

    The initial part of the training program is vital for successful implementation of the Financial Navigation Program.  It is important that key hospital administrators and support staff understand the culture shift that will occur with the implementation of this program.

  • Training of Financial Navigation Staff

    The training of the Financial Navigation staff usually will take anywhere from 16-24 hours.  The training involves learning how to utilize pharmaceutical patient assistance programs, co-pay assistance foundations, and provisions of the Affordable Care Act.  The training also dedicates a considerable amount of  time on understanding Medicare benefits and how to find the most advantageous Medicare plan available to Medicare beneficiaries. 

  • Evaluation Process

    The training ends with and assessment and testing of the material presented.  This process identifies the skills and knowledge that the financial navigator need to continue to developed.  Most participants find this process very beneficial as they discover the many avenues that Financial Navigation can take.

  • Ongoing Supervision

    Continued support and supervision of the Financial Navigators is a critical step with the Financial Navigation Training Program.  The Financial Navigators are now putting the training in action as they implement the program with patients.  Remote supervision of the Financial Navigator during this time is critical to make sure that the patients are navigated correctly with their financial obligations.  This ongoing supervision can last anywhere between 12 – 30 months.

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